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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Reese Witherspoon Is On A Hunt For Paparazzi

Reese Witherspoon can't go anywhere without being blinded by the Paparazzi bulb. A trip to Disney's California Adventure Theme Park proved to be less than magical and left Todd Kevin Wallace with 6 misdemeanors charges and without the shot he wanted.This all happened way back in September and now Todd is on the run. No one can find him and he is racking up additional charges on his record. Here is what happened:
[Todd] allegedly whacked a 5-year-old child with his camera and shoved another child out of his way in the struggle to gain access to the Legally Blonde star and her children. Wallace allegedly became aggressive and cursed the group, causing several children to burst into tears. The Anaheim city attorney's office requested Friday's bail hearing after prosecutors learned that Wallace was arrested earlier this month for alleged petty theft from an electronics store.(E-Online)
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