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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Papa Joe Strikes Again!

He is a slave driver, but at the same time slowly becoming my idol. He works a lot - I am sure of this. But he really makes the big dollars by exploiting his children (nice). AND NOW HE IS GOING TO EXPLOIT ALL THAT WILL PAY THE $60 BUCKS TO HEAR HIM TALK ABOUT IT.
Joe Simpson, manager of pop singing sensations Jessica and Ashlee Simpson; Chris Harrison, host of the hit ABC television show The Bachelor; and Felicia Culotta, longtime personal assistant to Britney Spears will give the inside scoop to being a star in show biz or any career. Their motivational seminar will give tips for being an A-lister in life, and how to put together an award winning gameplan for pursuing the career of your dreams. These Hollywood insiders will also share their behind-the-scenes stories of what it's like working in one of the most cut throat industries around. Whether attendees are looking to be the next pop icon, hot TV star or realize that dream job--this seminar will provide the tools necessary from experts that have been part of history making careers of their own.
The event will be held in Dallas on January 14. Cost is $60. Sign up now.
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