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Monday, December 19, 2005

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban - Wedding Bells In Las Vegas

Nicole Kidman along with her entire family met up with Keith Urban in sin city (aka Las Vegas) on December 18th. Could it be that this bunch is just in the mood for some slots and a nice buffet? Do you think that they heard Perez Hilton was taking a vacation so they wanted to stop in and say hello? OR.... could it be perhaps that Nicole and Keith want a low key (the most popular kind now a days) wedding with their family and a few close friends??
Nicole's private jet landed in Sin City shortly after midnight. Nicole, Janelle and five other people were shuttled to the Four Seasons Hotel on South Las Vegas Boulevard in two silver limousines, along with a black van carrying their luggage. Keith is on a month-long break from touring, giving him plenty of time to fit in a honeymoon. While in Las Vegas, he's performing Monday night, Dec. 19, at Aladdin Theatre for the Radio Music Awards, where he's up for country radio artist of the year. (Star magazine)
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