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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nick Lachey To Tell All

Extra TV is reporting that Nick Lachey wants his side of the story told.
"He has realized the relationship is over and it’s time to move on," said Us Weekly’s Katrina Szish. "She would never call him to check in. She would always go out with her friends and leave him alone. And if he did come along, she would ignore him all night long." Still, Nick's friends and insiders reveal that Lachey did not want the split, and that, "Nick was willing to make it work until the end. He told Jessica, ‘I love you, but we have problems. Let’s work on them.’He still thought they could work everything out," Szish added. "So he felt completely sucker punched."
I totally believe this! I used to watch Newlyweds and Nick Lachey seems very grounded and not one to give up so quickly. I think their relationship was over once Jessica Simpson blew up but they kept it going until their contract ended with MTV. It's sad because they seemed good with one another. Other related links Jess wants new judge What Nick will miss Divorce Paper Images
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