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Friday, December 23, 2005

Mischa Barton Is Getting Married

The latest buzz is that Mischa Barton is going to married her boyfriend Cisco Adler in February.
The sexy 19-year-old 'OC' star is said to have booked Los Angeles' trendy Roosevelt Hotel for the nuptials, just a month after 26-year-old Cisco's proposal.(Female First)
Cisco was already engaged to Kimberly Stewart who seemed to make getting married one of her favorite "To Dos" of 2005. A side note on Mischa -- she recently confessed that some big wig in Hollywood told her to sleep with Leonardo DiCaprio to boost her career. She wouldn't because he is too old. Do I believe that? I am not so sure. So why the rush Mischa? You are only 19. So many reasons come to my head... but I will just let this one fold out on its own.
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