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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kevin Federline wants $125 Million from Britney!

The freaking nerve! He was married to her for a week and he is demanding over a million dollars. I mean give me a freaking break! Well Britney, thats what you get when you get with a guy who leave a pregnant girlfriend behind to travel the world with you.
Reports from In Touch Weekly:
After spending her birthday week apart, Britney Spears and her husband, Kevin Federline, patched things up again. But if Britney had heard the shocking statements coming out of Kevin’s mouth just six days before they reconciled, their latest split might have lasted forever. Partying with pals in Las Vegas during the week of Britney’s 24th birthday, Kevin told a reporter that he has already consulted his lawyers and would demand a “$125 million” settlement if the marriage was to end. “I don’t like lawyers,” the aspiring rapper said as he was leaving the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on December 3. “But in this situation, I have to get protection." Kevin’s even told friends that he’s been advised that the prenuptial agreement he signed is “not worth the paper it is written on.”
Reports from Bild: Do I believe this since I can't translate German -- not so much but this live journaler can
Kevin Federline spoke exclusively about his life with the pop princess to my colleague Peter Kent. "I love her," he says. "But when you ask me about a life without Britney, all I can say is: Can it be worse than living with her? That's how far we've grown apart." Kevin Federline is deeply hurt. And he complains, "She treated me badly, wouldn't let my friends into the house! She and her mother tried to tell me how to live my life - I just can't let that happen. And I don't know a guy with self-respect who'd let himself be treated like that! I'm just supposed to be her little husband who jumps at every command." Now, Federline wants to do what Britney apparently already did - Meet with a divorce lawyer. Federline: "I don't like lawyers, but I need protection in a situation like this. This is the situation I'm in: I'm homeless a couple of days before Christmas!" Apparently, Federline wants €112 million. (That's what, $115 mill? Don't know the exchange rate right now.) Does he only care about the money? "I'm not interested in money. She just needs to learn that she can't reel me in, and then drop me like this."
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