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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Jennifer Aniston On Divorce

Jennifer Aniston has had a rough relationship with her mother in the past. I reported earlier though that these two (plus Vince Vaughn) will be celebrating Christmas together. It seems as though Jennifer's demons are now a thing of the past. Her parent's divorce has helped her get through her own. This is a big step for Jennifer to acknowledge the existence of her mother never-the-less appreciate it. Jennifer was quoted for Grazia magazine:
"I learned what not to do by watching my parents. I saw my mother be very bitter and very angry, never let it go and waste the second half of her life."
Commenting on this upside-down year:
"This has been the best of times and worst of times. Actually, I loved 2005. I wouldn't be feeling how I feel if I hadn't gone through it."
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