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Friday, December 02, 2005

I'm Not Obsessed with Nick and Jessica!

Ok so maybe I am one of these people whose watched way too much reality TV. Perhaps you could even say that I related to these two love birds and compared my own marriage to theirs. My husband is solid and grounded and I am quirky and have a terrible memory. So when I saw that their marriage is no longer... I needed to find out more... Here are some links with tons of info on this couple... Lawyers Lawyers everywhere!! (TMZ) The Post Show has a pretty funny clip to check out... Wanna Play MadLibs? Only if you are truly bored. It all happened on Turkey Day and Jossip has the juice. You know it's news and you are something special when CNN stops talking about the war to announce the end of your marriage. EOnline is doing their homework... Nascar anyone?? Just to break up the links -- here is their official statment: "After three years of marriage, and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways," they said in a joint statement released by their publicists. "This is the mutual decision of two people with an enormous amount of respect and admiration for each other." PopSugar proves that divore can get ugly. New York's very own PageSix breaks some scoop on the legalities these two will soon have to face. Find out whose getting their own show! Maybe someone will get more plastic surgery to start her new life off with a bang.. the lips are already done... Oh and someone might be in love with a jackass - but aren't we all. Problems are brewing and people might be suing...
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