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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm Not Obsessed with Britney and Kevin's Breakup

This just in!! Britney has gone to see a divorce lawyer!(News of the World) Us Weekly has the scoop on this one. Here are several quotes from sources in the magazine:
  • "Britney found out that men were selling marijuana to Federline and the guard. She said there was no way Kevin was going to smoke pot around his children."
  • "Right now they are broken up, but you just don't know with those two."
  • Kevin is staying at The Beverly Hills Hotel and Briteny finally had a girls night out with her friends.
  • "On December 2nd, Britney had two of Kevin's cars - an Audi A8 and a Ferrari - removed from the property.
  • "Lynn (Britney's Mom) says marrying Kevin was a mistake."
  • The two were not together to celebrate Britney's birthday bash in Kentwood.
  • Kevin and his crew "trashed his hotel room in LA. Kevin was angry and frustrated. They were flicking cigarettes and weed on the carpet."


  • Her money is LOCKED DOWN - papers were filed so everything stays in her possession.
  • Their recent mansion purchase will be split 50/50.
  • Every gift Kevin received during the marriage has been documented (as if they knew this would happen!)
  • Spousal support won't last more than a year but Kevin is due to receive $30K a month.
  • Lastly, Britney is not obligated to pay any child support to Kevin's other children.

Ok --- are you in the mood for more news - well here you go.

  • Brit's baby's birth certificate and some interesting facts you probably don't know.(Pink is the New Blog)
  • Pics of Brit's revenge - don't mess with a southerner!(Perez Hilton)
  • Kevin's hopes get crushed. (MSNBC)

Oh and by the way - Britney’s spokeswoman, Lesley Sloane Zelnick, insists the couple’s marriage is "fine."

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