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Friday, December 16, 2005

Gisele Wants To Cover Her Ass

Is this even worth quoting? Maybe because it's kind of funny to think that Gisele Bundchen used this much energy to get the point across. This Victoria Secret's model has decided that she doesn't want her ass cheeks showing anymore... That's right ladies and gentlemen - no more ass from Gisele. CONTAIN YOURSELVES!! CALM DOWN!!!
‘I make a point about that because I don’t want my booty to show,’ she tells Vogue. ‘I know I can’t wear a nun’s outfit or something like that, but I make sure that they understand that my booty has to be covered. It’s my booty and I feel like when you’re walking on the runway, God knows where they’re looking. It’s not that I feel self-conscious, it’s that I feel like my booty should be shown on special occasions, for special people.’ (Daily Snack)
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