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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Get Inside Enimen

Here is the transcript from a recent interview that Marshall participated in:

Exerpts from the interview from Mojo in the Morning on WKQI-FM:

On the Eminem impersonator arrested in London for murder yesterday: EMINEM: "I heard he stuffed a girl in a suitcase or something. I don't know how they linked that to my song 'Stan' because in 'Stan,' his girlfriend was in a trunk of a car and they drove over a bridge. I'm completely innocent!"

On his turbulent relationship with Kimberly Mathers: MOJO: "You just referred to Kim as your wife... are you back together?" EMINEM: "Yes we are back together and we have reconciled. We are probably going to remarry." MOJO: "What would be your plans for that? Would you do something special here in town?" EMINEM: The first time we got married there were three people there and one was the lady marrying us. But this time, you know, it was a rollercoaster on and off... and we've been together for 17 years."

On his recent drug rehab: EMINEM: "When I went into rehab, I went with the notion that I'm going to get clean and I'm going to get off this stuff before it gets too out of hand." EMINEM: "When I got out, there were boxes of fan mail, and it's nice to know people got your back. I had no idea when I went in there what people were going to think."

On the new single 'When I'm Gone' and possible retirement: EMINEM: "This song is basically about the guilt I had to deal with when leaving my family for the stage. It's my second passion to just be out there on stage in front of that many people. But at some point, you have to sit and think about what's more important. And right now, being with my family is more important."

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