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Friday, December 23, 2005

Courtney Love Needs Cash Big Time!

Courtney Love is hard up for money. It seems that his rock star (if you would even call her that) is going to auction off an historic home she bought in 1997. As if drug abuse and potentially losing your rights as a mother wasn't enough excitement for her this year, she decided to add having no money to her list of woes.

Love now owes around $367,000 on the property, which is located on 13 acres on land at the edge of Capitol Forest in Arkansas and was built in 1903, and is set to auction it off in the new year to cover the outstanding loan on the home and any legal fees. The bungalow is currently being occupied by Cobain's sister, Kim, according to sheriff's records, says the New York Post. All monies raised from the sale will go directly to the WMC Mortgage Corp. of Los Angeles, which filed for foreclosure in the Superior Court this month.

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