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Friday, December 16, 2005

Child Stars

This is a great post by JJBER -- thanks for doing the work!!
Above we have Miss Scarlett Johannson. My husband and I saw The Island last night and reallllly enjoyed it. I didn't see the story line coming based on the advertisement that has been out. If you need to watch a movie, I would suggest that one. AND now that I have hyped it up you are going to say it blows and send me hate mail. So forget I even wrote it and let's both save some time and effort.

Kirsten Dunst -- the future rehab-er??? She has done a lot of feel good movies. Two movies that I really enjoyed were 1)Interview with a Vampire (the book was better) and 2) The Virgin Suicides (the book was WAYYYYY better).

The Culkin Bros. ex and current druggies I am sure. I don't really need to explain these boys do I? (hands slap over my cheeks as I scream AHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

Miss Christina Ricci - most fitting part was as Wednesday in The Addams Family. If there is someone you hate in your life and you have to get them a Christmas (oooppppsss I mean HOLIDAY) present then get them the movie Pumpkin. It literally was the worst movie I have ever seen. If you want to see it -- I AM WARNING YOU -- it's out of control.

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