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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Angelina Pregnancy Rumors...Again

I've been saying this for weeks. There are signs that scream 'Pregnant Hollywood Star' and Angelina Jolie is screaming every single one of them. Us Weekly is reporting that a business associate is spilling the beans about Brad Pitt's first child.

"Her business associate is telling people that Angelina is pregnant," the tabloid reports.

"One of Angelina's friends got drunk and bragged about knowing (about the baby on board)," the tabloid alleges.

Us Weekly also notes that Cindy Guagenti, Brad's rep, would not deny the puffy lipped vixen was preggers instead saying: "I'm not commenting on Brad's personal life." (National Ledger)

When a rep says "No Comment" - doesn't that mean "Yes but I can't confirm it yet?" If I was Jennifer Aniston I would throw myself off my roof!
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