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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


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Monday, March 06, 2006


You should visit me in my new site - where the air is clean and the birds sing for free... where the waterfalls splash fresh WHAT?
Anyway - great updated gossip is one step away
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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Have You Come Over Yet?

There are tons of photos and gossip that u are missing! Click here IMNOTOBSESSED to view it all...
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Friday, February 17, 2006

4th Time Is A Charm

Her father was addicted to drugs, sex and rock and roll. Lisa Marie Presley on the other hand, is addicted to getting married. How many times is she going to have a go at his before she realizes that this just isn't for her. AND she doesn't do pre nups!! Your father is turning over in his grave. Well, Elvis probably still can't turn over in his grave - he has a few more banana melts to lose.
Singer Lisa Marie Presley has married guitarist and music producer Michael Lockwood in a ceremony in Kyoto, Japan. The couple exchanged vows in a traditional Japanese ceremony on January 22, her publicist Paul Bloch announced yesterday. It is the fourth marriage for Presley, who is the daughter of music legend Elvis Presley. She was previously married to Nicolas Cage, Michael Jackson and Danny Keogh, who is the father of her two children. The bride's mother, actress Priscilla Presley, walked her daughter down the aisle and gave her away, according to Bloch. Daughter Riley Keough was maid of honor and her son Benjamin Keogh was a groomsman, while their father acted as best man for Lockwood. Also attending the wedding were Lockwood's parents, Vivian and William Lockwood. Lockwood was Presley's musical director and is listed as executive producer on her 2005 album Now What.
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I'm Burning Up For Your Love

So you have no date on Valentine's Day - what is a girl to do? Go tanning!! How do hair extensions and lip fat do under UV rays? I wonder if Jessica Simpson tans nude...
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Has Halle Berry Lost Her Damn Mind?

Actress Halle Berry performs with Sam Gale-Rosen during the Hasty Pudding Theatrical's Woman of the Year ceremonies at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachussetts. This year marks the 56th annual performance for the oldest college theatrical company in the nation.
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Nicolette Sheridan!

Holy Lip Collagen Batman! What is up with these huge puckers? Nicolette Sheridan must know the same doctor that did Jessica Simpson's lips. It is way too much!
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Flaking Friday

Michelle Pheiffer (an ageless beauty) shopping in Hollywood drinking coffee -- hey does she know Katie?
Dita Von Tesse just can't seem to keep her clothes on. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?
Naomi Watts (my fav actress) shopping in LA
Jennifer Love Hewitt getting some publicity
Wow! Katie Holmes sure is big. I lost track of how many months she is pregnant. Tom Cruise still has to be touching her in every picture.
HOLY BIG HEAD BATMAN! Vin Diesel is lucky I liked The Pacifier!
Usually celebrities give us a peace sign or the finger - but Joss Stone decided to give us the tongue.
Paris Hilton missing a leg.
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I Will Stay Here Until Wordpress Is All Finished

I am going to continue posting here and then porting it over to my new account until I know the .com is fully functioning. Here are some quickies.. Ashley Olsen (the prettier of the two) out with a bag that is bigger than she is.
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at Kerry Packer's funeral. This is sad that someone was taking pictures at a funeral. What is even sadder is that I posted them.
Iman with her daughter in the village.
Reese Witherspoon with her son - he is such a doll! He actually looks like Paul Walker.
Kate Hudson with her SON Ryder
Here she is with her bushy husband.
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